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Barclay Visual Arts 2011 Competition and a Busy Day

Posted in Art, awards, landscape, painting, portrait on February 26, 2011 by Chambers Art Studio

This has been a busy day!  Actually it has been a busy couple of days, starting last night with the washing machine’s overflowing and flooding my studio.  I call it my “studio”.  Actually its a converted garage/den/storage room/studio.  For me its a little corner of the world where I can escape to the consolations and challenges of drawing and painting, and any other creative endeavor that might be that day’s challenge.  Anyway, we’re waiting for the plumber and not washing any clothes.  Hopefully I won’t have to start walking to the nearby creek and pounding my laundry with a stick on a rock.

This morning I was honored to receive several awards from our local City Federation and Cultural Activities Center in their annual “Barclay Visual Arts Competition.”  For a city as small as ours, (population around 60,000, I think) I was very pleasantly surprised by the large number of entries and the high quality of the works of art that almost two hundred people entered.  I’m not trying to brag…I just want to share with you the photos of the paintings of mine that were entered and what prizes they won.


Ruthie 24 x 18

This portrait, entitled “Ruthie” won “Best of Show” and “Award of Excellence for use of Creativity”.


Chickens 14 x 11

This painting of chickens won “Second Place Oil/Acrylic Art.”

Texas Winter Landscape

Texas Winter Landscape 20 x 10

“Texas Winter Landscape” won “Third Place Oil/Acrylic Art”.

I’ve been invited to address a local “Art League” next month.  Fortunately I’ve done some public speaking, so it falls lower on my “phobia list”.

So…now I’m contemplating what will be my next project.  I’m fairly sure it will be a still life.  I’m running out of wall space in my home, so it won’t be long before paintings start getting stacked in the corners.  I’m okay with that, I guess.  Fortunately I have this blog to use as a venue to share my thoughts and work.


Another Portrait of Mom

Posted in portrait on October 4, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio


This is another portrait I did of my mom.  I wanted to paint something of her in a more traditional style.  It measures 18″ x 24″.


Posted in portrait on October 2, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio


Aidan Sketch

Aidan Sketch

These are some paintings I’ve done of my grand-nephew Aidan.  The bottom one is a moment when he was explaining to me something he had learned in school about bugs.

Un bon prêtre

Posted in portrait on September 26, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio
Portrait of Fr. Stephen

Fr. Stephen

Here’s a  sketch in oil I did of a good friend, Fr. Stephen.  I’ve known him for many years…he was still a seminarian when we first met.  He later became the pastor of a local parish.  Fr. Stephen has a deep love for God and the Church, and is a very holy man.  It was a privilege to get to paint his portrait.

Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

Posted in portrait on September 14, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio
Portrait of the Artist's Mother

Portrait of the Artist's Mother

This is a portrait of my mother I did a couple of years ago when I first went back to painting.  She is eighty-eight years old, and I told her I wanted to paint her picture as I see her daily, dressed in her “house dress”.  She agreed to pose for the picture, but wasn’t too happy that she had to be dressed in such plain daily attire.  After all, she is a fine southern Lady.  Well as it turns out, I painted another two portraits of her after this one, which I will show in a future post.  It just happens that I entered this painting in a local art show this year and it won “Best of Show”.  It was prominently displayed in the city’s cultural activities center for a month, much to my mother’s chagrin.  She exclaimed to me, indifferent that I had won best of show, that she was going to be “on display to the whole town in her house dress!”  Bless her heart…what a hoot!

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