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Search Me and Hendrickje

Posted in cats, drawing on October 19, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio


I’m happy to announce that my listing now shows up when my name or blog site is searched on Google!

Above are some sketches I did of a cat I had that I named after Rembrandt’s common-law wife, Hendrickje Stoffels.  Nobody could pronounce the cat’s name, and after a while even I started to just call her “Scootie”.  The sketches are done in sepia ink with brush and pen.


Quericus rubris

Posted in drawing on October 13, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio



Red Oak Leaves With Acorns

Red Oak Leaves With Acorns


Quericus rubris, or the Red Oak tree, has beautiful leaves that turn a brilliant orange-red in the Autumn.  I have one of these trees in my front yard, and drew this picture of its leaves and acorns with dark brown Conte highlighted with white on toned paper.

Sepia Ink Drawing

Posted in drawing, still life with tags , , on October 13, 2010 by Chambers Art Studio


This is a Sepia Ink drawing I did many years ago of some Sweetgum ball seed pods.  I used to pick them up when we went on family visits to East Texas to visit my aunt.  She had a lot of different kinds of trees on her land and I would go exploring through the Pine thickets of East Texas and collect specimens.   These sweetgum seed pods are prickly and spiny, with seeds rattling on the inside.  They remind me of the artwork of Bosch or Bruegel or Durer…very medieval looking.


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