Rembrandt’s Cat

Rembrandt's Cat

Rembrandt's Cat

This is an illustration I just finished…just something I did for my own amusement.  I make my own stationary on the computer and I wanted something that I could use that would reference art and make people smile…sort of a logo.  I had already painted Vermeer’s Cat and Van Gogh’s Cat and Dowland’s Cat and O’Carolan’s Cat, so I decided it was Rembrandt’s turn.  In case it isn’t obvious in the picture, the cat is painting the mouse’s portrait, and they all have on their finest lace collars for the occasion.  The other two mice are offering their opinions…sort of mice art critics, I guess.  The bird sitting on top of the canvas is just enjoying the moment.

Children’s book  illustrations from the “Golden Age” are something I really enjoy, especially the paintings of Arthur Rackham.  That golden hued antique watercolor look is such a comforting and familiar thing.  I guess its odd that I paint in oil with such a realistic effort, and then I turn around and do these silly illustrations of cats and pigs, etc.  I would like to think it helps keep me from being too much of an “art snob”, not that I don’t find art snobs amusing as well.  Especially “modern art snobs”, who take themselves very seriously indeed.  I love to watch them stand in front of some hideous modern “painting” or “sculpture” and turn this way and that, usually resting their collective chins in their hands.

My plans are to start a still life of  some flowers soon.  Lately I have taken to trying to grow flowers, which is something I’ve never had much of a talent for.  It seems they always want to die on me, no matter how much attention I do or don’t give them.  So far this group has survived, and my geranium has put on a few bright red blooms, so that’s the one I hope to paint.  Hold on to your hats and check back in a few months…that’s usually how long it takes.


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