Pardon my Porcine Pauses

Don't Let Anybody Tell You It Can't Be Done

Don't Let Anybody Tell You It Can't Be Done

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “rumors of my recent demise have been greatly exaggerated!”  I’m still here, folks, and even though I haven’t posted in a couple of months, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve been working on several paintings, off and on, trying to get ready for a regional Art Competition coming up at the end of February.  Once the show begins I will post the new paintings that I have entered into the competition, and also provide some more information on the competition itself.  For the curious and industrious in the audience, you can Google the “Barclay Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition” held at the Cultural Activities Center in Temple, Texas.

I put up the picture of my little aviator piggy to symbolize the struggles and challenges I’ve been facing these past couple of months.  I am writing a series of posts about my experiences and will be putting them up soon.  My sister Martha named the picture of the piggy for me.  She said she thought the title fit the picture well.   There is a movie that I like that was made back in the sixties (the old days) starring Catherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole and Anthony Hopkins called “The Lion in Winter”.  There is one particular line of dialogue in the film during a fight scene between Hepburn (Eleanore of Aquitaine) and O’Toole (King Richard II) where he tells her that something won’t happen, and if it does it will only be when “pigs fly”.  Hepburn proudly responds by telling O’Toole that “there will be ham in the tree tops come morning!”

Sometimes it takes that attitude to keep going when things seem impossible.  Many times I will look at something I have finished and think that it was only possible through a miracle.   Yes they do happen around here from time to time.

I’ll stop here for now since I plan to post again the series of writings that I have been working on to  more clearly understand some of my existential quandaries concerning art and why I need to paint, draw and be an artist.  Come back soon.


One Response to “Pardon my Porcine Pauses”

  1. Bob – Now I know that we were separated at birth. Can’t wait to see the new work.

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