Search Me and Hendrickje



I’m happy to announce that my listing now shows up when my name or blog site is searched on Google!

Above are some sketches I did of a cat I had that I named after Rembrandt’s common-law wife, Hendrickje Stoffels.  Nobody could pronounce the cat’s name, and after a while even I started to just call her “Scootie”.  The sketches are done in sepia ink with brush and pen.


3 Responses to “Search Me and Hendrickje”

  1. Lois Kantor Says:

    Hi Robert. The kitties are beautiful. Don’t know if you will remember me, we met years ago, when I was visiting Janette in Temple. She told me about your website, suggested I check it out. It’s as good as she says! I’m so pleased to see how you’ve turned into a wonderful artist, from the little kid I remember meeting. Of course, kitty lovers always turn out talented!

    Send me an email if you’d like, and I’ll tell you about my lovely Dolly.

  2. Thanks Mark. I have a DVD of the Rembrandt movie and love it. It might be interesting if a modern day version of the life of Rembrandt could be made into a movie.

  3. Bob, These sketches are charming. Although I lost my last Siamese a few years ago and live with 6 rescues, I miss the antics of my meesers. I love her name, too. Charles Laughton’s “Rembrandt” is one of my favorite movies. A young Elsa Lanchester portrayed Hendrickje with aplomb.

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