Texas Landscape

South Bell County Landscape

South Bell County Landscape

Every Texas artist should attempt at least one landscape with bluebonnets…the State Flower.  Pictured here is one I painted in oil, a scene from South Bell County.  The cow in the painting is supposed to have come to a dry creek bed with a thirsty look in its eyes.

Landscapes have never particularly been my favorite subjects to paint, although I’m extremely fond of looking at landscape paintings.  My attention has always been more on painting people or animals, or still life.  To be honest, landscapes are for me the most difficult of genres to paint.  But oh how I admire the Dutch landscape artists of the Golden Age, or the Hudson River School of artists of the late nineteenth century.  To me, the study of art history is an indispensable part of an art student’s training and ongoing growth.

“We should imitate the conduct of the great artists in the course of their studies, as well as the works which they produced when they were perfectly formed.  Raphael began by imitating implicitly the manner of Pietro Perugino, under whom the studied; hence his first works are scarce to be distinguished from his master’s; but soon forming higher and more extensive views, he imitated the grand outline of Michelangelo; he learned the manner of using colors from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, and Fra Bartolomeo; to all this he added the contemplation of all the remains of antiquity that were within his reach, and employed others to draw for him what was in Greece and distant places.  And it is from his having taken so many models that he became himself a model for all succeeding painters; always imitating and always original.” —Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792)

Its not my intent to go into my personal thoughts and philosophies regarding art in detail this soon in my blog.  Suffice to say that I am “old school”  when it comes to art and the training of artists.


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