My Fibro Day

Today I’m posting twice.  This post is about my day with Fibromyalgia.  The other post will be about art.  That way, anyone who doesn’t know or care anything about Fibromyalgia can just skip this part.  This is also fair warning…this post is a rant.

I went to the Pain Clinic today.  That was the good part.  I was fortunate to see a FANTASTIC nurse practitioner who really knew his stuff and what to do for me.  He spent about thirty minutes just talking to me, not to mention the time he spent looking at my MRI report.  And this is at a major hospital known for its long waiting periods and indifferent staff.

That’s where the good day ended.

The nurse practitioner prescribed for me a powerful pain medication.  I took the prescription to the pharmacy.  I could tell by the way the guy looked at the prescription at the pharmacy that it was the beginning of a long ordeal.

Not long after returning home after dropping off the prescription, I get a phone call saying…”Mr. Chambers, you’re insurance has been canceled.”  WHAT???  No it hasn’t.  That’s ridiculous.  So, I call the insurance company.  They say, “Your insurance hasn’t been canceled…its the pharmacy’s mistake.”  So I drive back into town to talk to the pharmacist.  He proceeds, after a long wait, to show me the form where it says my insurance has been canceled for four years.  WHAT?  How can that be?  You’ve been filling prescriptions for me up until now and insurance has been paying.  “Well” says the incompetent pharmacist, “that’s what the computer is telling me, so you will have to deal with the insurance company.  “And besides,” he says, “I am giving you three days worth of one of the medications (the insurance company asked him to do this) until you can get it straightened out (I will give him points for that) ”  So I drive back home in a huge snit, and call the insurance company again.  Thank goodness this time I was able to speak to someone who knew what she was doing.  She looked up my account and said to me, “no one has filed a claim for medicine for you today.”  She then called the pharmacy and got them straightened out, and told me they said my medicine would be ready to be picked up in thirty minutes.  Over thirty minutes later I drive back into town to the pharmacy, and they haven’t even started to fill the prescription.  When the pharmacist finally gets it filled, he doesn’t even apologize for the error, just tells me its good the insurance got straightened out.

Now…I’m a nice guy, but I was in pain.  This guy had been a jerk.  What do I do, you might ask.  I just mumble a few words and walk off with my medicine.  As soon as I got home I looked up the generic name of the medicine just to make sure he had given me the right stuff.

Whew!!!  End of rant.


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