Amor Feles

Junior, Fanny Belle, Saffron

Junior, Fanny Belle, Saffron

Anybody who knows me knows I love my cats.  The picture above is one I painted a couple of years ago and made my own matching frame for it.  The painting is done in acrylic on a panel.  (I wish the photo quality was better.  The colors are a bit off)  I was really into reading about the Northern Renaissance at the time, so I took a quasi Flemish approach to how I painted the picture.  I started out with a detailed drawing on a smooth gesso covered panel, which I covered with a light gray wash of thinned color, almost like watercolor.  After that I painted the entire picture in “grisaille”.  After the underpainting had dried, I proceeded with building up my color paint layers with thin glazes of paint.  My highlights and solid color areas I painted more thickly.  After letting the painting dry I gave it a gloss varnish and framed it myself.  The effect of this painting method is like clear, translucent jewel tones and fine textures.  It was a fun experiment.  The painting was meant to be lighthearted and fun.

In future posts I hope to share many paintings of cats that I have done, along with some cat stories.


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